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After-Life Tragedy is a game about confronting loss head on. Join our diverse cast of characters through their struggles and hardships as they take on an existential crisis. Explore the derelict wastelands and uncover the mysteries behind the evil at its core.

After witnessing the deaths of his friends during the Salem Witch Trials, Warner Stoker is sent to the afterlife as a prophet capable of defeating Domalum, an evil demon king who has barred all souls from ever leaving Purgatory. Accompanied by a group called the Last Judgement, Warner, AKA Crimson, is determined to end the suffering they have endured throughout their lives and defeat Domalum once and for all.

After-Life Tragedy is an upcoming metroidvanian-styled 2D platformer for PC, from the Hyper Crisis studio. DeBy Games is responsible for the programming, where as Hyper Crisis manages the assets, cast and overall progress of the project.

We'll be looking forward to sharing more information about production in the near future!

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