Ace Attorney Casing Tool

AACT has been discontinued indefinetely.

Thank you all for your support.

Ace Attorney Casing Tool allows you to create AA-styled fangames with a simple, yet powerful engine. Currently supported are Cross-Examinations, Investigations, Psyche-Locks and Mood Matrix, with many more features on the way.

AACT consists of 3 different very easy to use programs to take off most of the work and focus on creating;

The Asset Maker: This tool manages all the assets that are in your game. No need to create endless directories and accidentally copy the files to the wrong place. You simply select the files and assign them to the needed asset. The Asset Maker creates the endless directories and copies the files to the wrong place for you. (Wait that's not how marketing works...)

The (Code) Editor: You can guess by the name what this tool is for. Yes, you DO have to code to create your game. There's no way around it, if you want something good. Although there will be an extension that will make it easier to write the code.

That being said, writing the code for your fangame could not be easier. Well it probably could but it's still really easy to use. AACT introduces its own script "language", called Ace Attorney Casing Tool Script or just ToolScript. It's also refered to as AACS. But as many name variations it has, it has even more possibilities to create your desired AA styled fangame. There is a fully documented manual on how to use the editor and AACS, which is available both online and offline within the code editor for quick access.

The DebugProject.exe: This tool is not interactive on itself, but it can be used to debug your game. It can be started from within the Code Editor and allows for a quick view on the game without having to compile it first.

Compile, you say? That's right. All fangames created with AACT will be compiled to a Windows Executable, able to run on its own. The necessary files for it to run are all included in the output directory. A player does not have to download AACT in order to play a game created with it.

I'm sure this short overview didn't answer literally any of your questions. But fear not, there is hope. Join the development server on Discord if you have any questions, suggestions, problems, feedback or anything similar.

Disclaimer: AACT contains everything you need to create AA styled fangames except...assets. There are no graphical or accustic assets distributed with AACT. However, on the discord server you can find links or suggestions on where to find good assets to use.

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