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Ace Attorney Casing Tool (Beta v1.0)

Image of Ace Attorney Casing Tool

Did you ever want to create your own, real, full fledged Ace Attorney fangame? Well...good luck with that. You need a team, money AND skills. We both know you don't have these, especially the last one. So why not download the Ace Attorney Casing Tool instead? With this engine you can create smaller AA styled games without writing a single line of code. Your assets can be created easily via an User Interface and the gameplay with an easy to understand script language. The games are completely customizable (provided you have your own graphics) and support a rich set of features and gameplay mechanics.
Always wanted to bring your favorite defense attorneys together in court with your favorite prosecutors? You can!
Always wanted to replace good ol' Udgey with another Judge? Or even a whole new character? You can!
Always wanted to insert your own original characters in a game but don't have the ressources for a full fledged game? You can!
Whatever your question is in terms of custom stories, the answer is: You can! At least in 90% of the cases...

How it works

The Engine currently is still in its beta state. Meaning it is not publicly accessable.
Currently supported are regular conversations as well as cross examinations.
The games are created in basically two steps. The resources/assets, meaning everything you see and hear, are made with the Case Maker.
The second part of the AACT is done with the Ace Attorney Casing Script. Also called the ToolScript. In short, the AACS.
(We don't shorten it as TS because TypeScript is a thing that exists).
The AACS is a pseudo script language created for this engine. It is a pseudo language, because it is basically just a set of instructions to tell the engine what to do. You don't have other functions like conditional branches, loops or other common elements. After the script has been written, you can either debug your project, or compile a release game.
The difference is basically just that the script file is included in the .exe for the release build, while during the debugging, it's an external file. For more information about the functions supported in the engine by the current version, you can watch the Demo video of the beta release.

Demo video

We do not own any rights of the Ace Attorney Franchise. Ace Attorney and all its characters, sound effects and sound tracks are property of Capcom and are as such under their copyright.
We do not distribute any visual or aural elements of the Ace Attorney franchise. All the elements you see in the Demo Video are for the purpose of displaying the Engine, not promoting a game or other elements.